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“Armadillo Jim” & Sheila Schmidt

The Christmas Armadillo© book

These and more questions are answered in The Christmas Armadillo©

How do you explain a nativity scene to a child?

What do you tell a child about the real meaning of Christmas?

What songs help introduce the birthday of Jesus to a child?

How do many families celebrate Christmas?


Don’t take our word, see what others say:

I love the book. It’s great!  I had my 10 year old grandson read it and he said “it is better than other books I read”.   He said the pictures look so real. I thought you guys might enjoy that comment from my grandson.

Helen J Hartzo

Bachelors Degree, Business Management
Retired Early Childhood Director (14 years)
Children’s Pastor (14 years)
Volunteer Children’s Ministry (10 years & counting)

Kids love animals! The armadillos in “The Christmas Armadillo” will capture the attention and hearts of children.  It is so important to teach children the real meaning of Christmas and the armadillos can do just that. Don’t miss this great opportunity to teach kids about Christmas with this great resource. (For more resources from Dale visit Building Children’s Ministry)


Dale Hudson
Dale Hudson

Founder; BCM / Building Children’s Ministry, speaker, author, children’s pastor & thought leader

About the Authors

Meet Jim and Sheila Schmidt

Jim & Sheila Schmidt

Jim & Sheila Schmidt


Jim and Sheila Schmidt are authors, speakers and advocates for children. Their I Cried Too® project and book have reached countless grieving children.

“Armadillo Jim” and Sheila have been in over 1000 schools. Jim, a native Texan and Sheila, a Floridian, met at Bible school and reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Learn more about Jim on his Website here!    
Visit Sheila on her website here!


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